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Providing Premium Welding Products To The World

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Material specification and analysis Because we don’t rely on outsourcing, we control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Raw materials are carefully sourced and inspected using spectral-analysis and then, during manufacturing, automated vision systems are used to verify that exacting tolerances are maintained. After final assembly more testing procedures; such as pressure, flame, leak or performance testing; assure that products meet stringent ATTC standards.

Innovation from the Beginning

In 1940, John Walters Sr. and a group of businessmen saw a need for quality replacement torch tips, and created American Torch Tip. Innovation, research and better designs were the building blocks of our early years and we still hold true to that philosophy today.

Today we produce over 16,000 items including guns, torches, consumables and replacement parts for 5 platforms – Plasma, MIG, Oxy-fuel, TIG and Laser systems.

Keeping You Up And Running Is Our Most Important Job

Locations Worldwide
American Torch Tip’s (ATTC’s) operations are housed in strategic locations around the world. These facilities are home to our engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control, warehouse and distribution divisions. We ship around the world to customers in more than 53 countries.

Central Distribution Center – Supply Chain
The ATTC central distribution center oversees an inventory that contains millions of parts. We control every aspect of our supply chain including procurement, manufacturing and distribution to ensure the torches, guns and consumables you need are always in stock when you need them.

welding equipment distribution facilities

Regional Distribution Centers
Regional distribution centers in the U.S. and the Netherlands, allow us to deliver your orders fast and minimize shipping expenses.