Lightning® Automation Torch


Keep production moving at Lightning® speed.

Lightning® Automatic MIG guns are built to thrive in the toughest production environments.
Welding line managers we work with tell us that avoiding downtime for change-outs and repairs is crucial. They want welding equipment that lasts.

Lightning® Autom MIG Gun Highlight

• The LIGHTNING® AUTO MIG torch is made to stand up to excessive vibration and the high heat conditions encountered in the manufacturing environment.

Lightning® Auto Nozzle Cutaway

• Precision components allow change-outs to be made with confidence of a repeatable and reliable T.C.P.

Lightning® Auto MIG Heavy Duty Body

• Our consumables are designed to reduce change-out related downtime and are manufactured at our facilities in the USA.


“Not surprisingly, one of the symptoms of cable wire damage is the need to gradually increase the voltage required for a good weld.”

excerpt from It’s just a MIG cable, what’s the big deal?

WLightning® Auto MIG cable showing hytrel® core and reinforced outerhat are the signs that a MIG cable is going bad?

Find out here…

What makes a MIG cable last longer?

• Tear and abrasion resistant outer cover
• Fiber reinforcement
• High copper strand count
• Hytrel® tubing inner liner

3 Ways To Increase Your Productivity
Learn ways to increase productivity and avoid welding related production slowdowns; download a Troubleshooting Guide; or choose the best Diffuser – Contact Tip – Nozzle combination for your equipment. Find it all here.

Where can I find replacement parts for my MIG torch?

Digital flip book for MIG welding supplies

Try our online catalog. In addition to automatic MIG guns, consumables and replacement parts for Lightning® AUTO, we manufacture consumables and replacement parts for most major brands. Search our catalog here.

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