CleanCut™ Technology – Burn Longer. Cut Cleaner.

CleanCut™ Technology

Stop Wasting Time Grinding Dross and Reaming Holes

Increase the quality of your plasma cutting operations:

★ Reduce turbulence with a high-velocity configuration

★ Stabilize and speed up the gas column

★ Produce ultra-smooth cuts

How we’ve accomplished this

CleanCut™’s high-velocity design reduces turbulence, stabilizes and accelerates the plasma arc column. The design is based on advanced rocket-engine technology and creates smooth cuts.
CNC Plasma Consumables Comparison
Compared to standard and high definition designs, CleanCut™s internal nozzle design pressurises the flow of gas. Once the pressure is released, it provides a more narrow, stable plasma arc. This also allows for a quicker piercing time for thicker plates/materials.

Save Production Time by Throwing Away Less Plasma Consumables

Extend the life of your plasma consumables:

★ Get more efficient cooling
★ Extend hafnium electrode life
★ Achieve 25%-50% longer production time

How we’ve accomplished this

CleanCut™ Electrodes are tipped with silver, which helps the plasma consumables run cooler since silver electrodes have a higher heat-conductivity than copper electrodes. On average, silver electrodes last 2x longer than copper, which increases the life of the rest of your plasma consumables

Electrode Plasma Consumables Comparison

Run Cooler Plasma Consumables:

★ Run cooler with a higher surface area exposed to coolant

★ Carry more heat away from your torch

How we’ve accomplished this

CleanCut™ Tri-Cooling Fins are machined with a series of “fin” cooling grooves around the nozzle base. These grooves allow coolant to flow across a greater surface area than standard nozzles, carrying more heat away from the plasma torch.

Cooling Flow on Plasma Consumables

CNC Plasma PT36

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