Hey! Manufacturers in China, Listen Up!

(Part 1)
China VS Honey-Do List

drill-screwsLast Saturday morning, after consulting my wife’s honey-do list, I decided to hang a closet rod in the laundry room, a project I had been putting off for nearly 3 months. I had big plans for Saturday evening and knew that completing this project on the honey-do list was extermely important!

The local Big-Box store provided everything I needed – closet rod, brackets and fasteners. By noon I had the brackets installed, but that’s when the trouble started.

One of the brackets was a slightly different shape and did not support the closet rod correctly. As I removed it from the wall, I saw a label that read – Made in China.

Deja Vu

made-in-chinaIt was the second time in a week I had purchased low quality goods from China. When I realized that I may not be able to check this item off my honey-do list, frustration turned to anger and I yelled, “Hey, manufacturers in China! Listen up! We’re disgusted!” I screamed and shook my fists in the general direction of China.

I thought about the brackets made with questionable materials, poor fabrication techniques, and little quality control. Is it possible they don’t take pride in what they’re manufacturing? Do they know that the label – Made in China – says something important about the people who make the product?

It’s a Matter of Pride

We use the words – Made in USA – to describe everything we manufacture at American Torch Tip, but it carries more meaning than a simple identification of the country of origin. It indicates that the product is well designed, made from quality materials, carefully fabricated, checked, and tested.

flag-blueWalking through our manufacturing facilities, I see advanced techniques in use for material testing, meticulous and precise machine set-ups, careful production, measuring, checking, and more measuring. The equipment we use measures with extreme accuracy, factors that include dimension, shape, finish, gas pressure, and performance.

The end result is a proven, precision piece of equipment that works out of the box, and continues to work under stress in extreme production environments around the world.

Made In USA

The high standard that we Americans expect, as consumers, shows up in the work we do. We take quality seriously. No one has to tell us how important it is. If you grew up in the United States, you know the “Made in USA” label means this item is the best it can be.

Back to my Saturday project – I went back to Big-Box, returned the Chinese hardware, bought closet brackets made in the USA, installed them (easily), and crossed the closet rod project off my honey-do list.

Pete Blews, Internet Marketing
American Torch Tip

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