Arc Time Cost Calculator

Test and analyze various “What if ?” scenarios.

Calculate the amount of time saved, or lost, when you change production processes and routines. MIG gun problems can increase manufacturing overhead expense.
Get answers to questions like these:

  • How much would I save, per year, if I reduced the number of weld repairs needed per shift?
  • What if we reduced the number of contact tip change-outs required per day? What would I save per month? Per year?
  • What’s the annual cost of making 2 extra nozzle change-outs per week?

You can even customize the calculator to use your company estimated manufacturing overhead expense, the number of active welding stations in operation , shifts per day, etc. and determine costs and/or savings that result from changing these variables.

We realize this is sensitive information, and we do not save, review, or download any of it. The information is only viewable by you, from your browser, and disappears when you navigate away from the page.

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