Lightning® MIG Guns & Consumables

We take quality assurance seriously, especially when it comes to the tools you rely on, hour after hour, day after day.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC MIG GunsLightning semi-automatic MIG gun is virtually indestructible

  • Rugged Nozzles
  • Extended-Life Consumables
  • Lifetime Warranty on Handle and Switch
  • Cool-running and long-lasting tapered seat design
  • 100% Satisfaction Trial

From 250 amp to 550 amp, we build our semi-automatic guns from materials and components that will continue to function in heavy industrial environments. Learn more here…


  • Dual Start-Point Contact Tip — Twice The Life
  • Heavy Duty Body
  • High Strength Cable
  • 100% Satisfaction Trial

The Lightning Auto MIG is made to stand up to the high heat conditions typical in the production environment. The conversion to Lightning® is simple – unplug your existing gun, and plug-in the Lightning® Auto. Learn more here…


  • Consistent T.C.P.Welding automated robotic MIG gun
  • Built For High-Volume Production
  • Increased Weld-Efficiencies
  • 100% Satisfaction Trial

The 550 amp Lightning robotic MIG gun stands up to excessive vibration, cable whip, temperature fluctuations and unexpected crashes. We have adapters for most wire feeders and a complete line of torch replacement parts in stock. Learn more here…

MIG Consumables

MIG consumables available from attcOur contact tips, retaining heads and nozzles meet rigid standards, including spectroscopic verification of raw materials and micro vision-system inspection of all critical dimensions. These measurement systems are capable of detecting variances to .0005 inches.

PRECISION Fabrication

We make all consumables right here at our USA facility, as well as our semi-automatic, automatic and robotic guns and torches.

MIG Nozzle Tip


Our product development team created the Lightning® MIG Gun to exceed all industry standards. After testing the gun in real world environments, we decided to give it a few final tests, as seen in the video above.

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