Robotic MIG Guns


A New Reliability in Robotic MIG Guns

The Lightning® 550 amp robotic MIG gun has been carefully designed to reduce downtime from part failure, faulty welds and change outs.

  • Consistent T.C.P.
  • Built For High-Volume Production
  • Increased Weld-Efficiencies

All our components are made to operate in the harsh environment of high volume production. The American Torch Tip Lightning® MIG gun stands up to excessive vibration, cable whip, temperature fluctuations and unexpected crashes.

Lightning® Robotic MIG Gun Highlights

3robotic mig gun tips and ways to improve productivity Tips For Increasing Productivity

Learn ways to increase productivity and avoid welding related production slowdowns; download a Troubleshooting Guide; or choose the best Diffuser – Contact Tip – Nozzle combination for your equipment. Find it all here.


robotic mig torch adaptersPrecision Components

Change outs can be made with confidence that the gooseneck will always be aligned with the gun housing, insuring reliability and repeatability. 22˚ robotic arms, adapters for most wire feeders, and a complete line of replacement parts are available.


Digital flip book for MIG welding supplies
MIG Catalog (Online Version)

Guns, consumables and replacement parts for most major brands. Catalog works with desktops, tablets and phones. View the catalog here.

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