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Lightning® MIG Small Curve and Large Curve Handles

The Lightning® Curve semi-automatic MIG Gun is designed to exceed all industry standards, and built to last.

mig-slam-video-splatHere are 4 things to look for when buying MIG welding equipment:

1. Reinforced Handle:

The high strength N-66 handle is engineered with a special impact additive and reinforcing ribs that make it virtually indestructible. This attention to detail puts Lightning® products in a class of their own.

Both the handle and the durable trigger switch are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

2. High Strength Cable:

Lightning® MIG cable showing hytrel® core and reinforced outerThe outer cover is strengthened using electron beam accelerators which cross-link the polymers and increase the tear-resistance, stretch-resistance and abrasion-resistance of the cable.

Hytrel® inner tubing is kink and impact resistant for smooth and reliable wire feed. The copper strand count of our premium cable assures long life and maximum productivity.

• Tough outer-cover
• Reinforced fiber core
• Optimized copper strand-count
• Kink-resistant Hytrel® inner-liner

See how our premium cable is manufactured.

Lightning® Nozzle Cutaway3. Heavy Duty Consumables:

The tapered-seat Lightning® Contact Tip is designed to dissipate heat quickly through increased surface area, and maximizing electrical conductivity.

The dual start-point thread allows re-seating of the tip when wire-wear begins to affect performance. Just rotate the tip counter-clockwise 180º to a new wear-point and double the life of the contact tip.

Nozzles are available in hard-drawn copper or brass with sizes and shapes for any application. Protective armor – a brass alloy insert – guards against wear and extends nozzle life.

Lightning® Curve Brochures4. Plug-and-Play:

Easily upgrade most MIG welding systems.

Small Curve is available in 250, 350 & 450 AMP guns.
Large Curve is available in 250, 350, 450 and 550 AMP guns.

Remember more power is not always better! It’s important to use equipment that is appropriate for your application, or project, type. If you need help to size the optimum gun for the work you’re doing, we can help. Give us a call at 1-941-753-7557.

Part numbers and information about guns, cables and power pins for your equipment can be found in these brochures:

Large Curve MIG Gun

Small Curve MIG Gun


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