Lightning® Straight Handle


The Lightning® semi-automatic Mig Gun is designed for use in a harsh environment and the gooseneck, trigger guard, handle and unicable guard will stand up to just about any abuse you can dish out. We build the guns from materials and components that will continue to function in the most extreme welding environments, even in the war zone that you call ‘the jobsite’.

Our product development team created a Mig Gun that exceeds all industry standards, and after testing the gun in real world environments, we gave it a few final tests seen in the video below. You’ll see why we say “it’s virtually indestructible”.

“Not surprisingly, one of the symptoms of cable wire damage is the need to gradually increase the voltage required for a good weld.”

excerpt from It’s just a MIG cable, what’s the big deal?

WMIG cable showing hytrel® core and reinforced outerhat are the signs that a MIG cable is going bad?

Find out here…

What makes a MIG cable last longer?

• Tear and abrasion resistant outer cover
• Fiber reinforcement
• High copper strand count
• Hytrel® tubing inner liner

Troubleshooting a MIG torch problem?

MIg Tro

3 Tips to avoid costly change-outs

Learn how to avoid costly tip change-outs, front end wire feed problems and weld repairs – visit our Increasing Productivity page.

What’s the cost of a contact tip change-out?

Try our Arc Time Calculator and build custom “What if?” scenarios. “What if I reduced the number of contact tip change-outs required, per day on your production line? How much would I save per month? Per year?”
You can even customize the calculator to use your company manufacturing overhead expense, the number of active welding stations, shifts per day, etc. Determine costs and/or savings that result from changing variables like: the number of contact tip change-outs per shift, or the number of weld repairs

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