Oxy-Fuel Cutting Charts – The Optimum Settings For Your Torch

Oxyfuel cutting charts, the optimum settings for your acetylene, propylene or propane torch.

Common oxy-fuel cutting charts

Oxy-fuel Cutting Charts, or Cut Charts, are a way to quickly determine the optimum settings for your cutting torch. The tip size, oxygen orifice, and pressure settings for oxygen and fuel gases, all effect the quality of your cut, and vary according to thickness of the materials you are cutting, and fuel gas you are using.

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Airco®-style cutting tips:

164, 183, 144, 263 styles

Airco® 164 style cutting tips have a very heavy preheat. Well suited for work requiring heavy preheat such as rusty or painted plates.airco style cutting tip oxy-fuel cutting charts

Airco® 183 style cutting tips are a medium preheat tip with two milled flat sides. Flared cavity that supplies low velocity oxygen for grooving, gouging and removing flawed welds. The tip is angled at 20º.

Airco® 144 style cutting tips are designed for hand-cutting applications over a large range of surface conditions. For a metal thickness over 7″ use 164 styles.

Airco® 263 style cutting tips are medium preheat 22º V splines for max heat transfer. A fast piercing/starting 2 piece. Hand or machine cutting, general purpose cutting straight bore for material up to 6″.

Download the cut charts for these Airco®-style cutting tips.

Harris®-style cutting tips:

6290A, 6290NX, 6290NH, 6290NFF styles

harris style cutting tip cut charts for oxyfuel

Harris® 6290A style cutting tips are for general purpose – medium preheat 1-piece tip.

Harris® 6290NX style cutting tips are for hand & machine cutting, general purpose – straight line clean surface cutting.

Harris® 6290NH style cutting tips, machine cutting for heavy plates starting at 9″.

Harris® 6290NFF style cutting tips – hand & machine cutting – general purpose scrap cutting for heavily rusted, scaled or painted metal 5/8-12″, ideal for bevel.

Download the cut charts for these Harris®-style cutting tips.

Koike®-style cutting tips:

106, 106D7, 106HC, 106M, 107, 107D7 styles

Smith®-style cutting tips:

SC50 (Propane & Natural Gas) General and heavy cutting for hand and machine cutting up to 20″ thick steel.

SC12 & MC12 (Acetylene)

Smith® SC12 style cutting tips are for general hand and machine cutting. Provides great preheat characteristics for machine cutting.

Smith® MC12 style cutting tips are for medium duty hand cutting. Use with moderate pressure acetylene and oxygen.

Tanaka®-style cutting tips:

3040G & 3051 styles

Victor®-style cutting tips:

1-101, 3-101, W & W-1, MFA & MDA-1 (Acetylene)

Multi-Use cutting tips:


To know more about multi-use tips read about it in our brochure.

Read your equipment manual to learn about safe use of your oxy-fuel cutting torch. If you inherited an oxy-fuel torch, and don’t have the original manual, you can download one here.