Oxy-Fuel Cutting & Welding Kits

Smith® Style Oxy-Fuel
Gas Apparatus –
Complete Kits

Smith oxy-fuel kit, complete with accessories, ready for work

• Everything You Need To Complete Your Next Project
• Performance & Safety Tested Components
• 3 Year Warranty
• Cutting & Welding Tips For Most Applications
• Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Kits Available

All Kits Include:

Regulators (Oxygen & Acetylene)
Welding Handle
Cutting Attachment
Cutting Tip
Welding Tip – size 3
Check Valves

20 ft – 1/4” R grade twin hose
Tip Cleaner set
Tool Box

Smith® Style Tips In Stock…
collection of tips for smith oxy-fuel kits
More than a thousand sizes and styles of tips for every application – general purpose, gouging, v-groove, scrap metal, rivet cutting, gouging and plate cutting. We’ve been manufacturing precision consumables in the USA for over 75 years.
Visit our online catalog for a complete list of Smith® style cutting, heating and welding tips.


smith-cutting-tips-cut-chartCutting Charts – use links below to view or download cut charts for these often used cutting tips:

SC50 (Propane & Natural Gas)
SC12 & MC12 (Acetylene)

To order or for more information:
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