3 Ways Your CNC Plasma Cutting Tip Affects Cut Quality

CNC Plasma Cutting Tip

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing poor cut quality when using your CNC plasma machine.

Your CNC plasma cutting tip may be one of the primary causes for poor cut quality. Here are three ways that your consumables could affect cut quality.

1. Having worn/ruined consumables

If your CNC plasma cutting nozzle/tip appears damaged on the inside or outside or if the hole’s opening widens and goes out-of-round it should be replaced. If your electrode’s hafnium (the hafnium is the small insert in the copper) pit depth exceeds 1mm, it’s worn and will damage the inside of your nozzle as well. When replace either the electrode or cutting tip, it’s important to also replace them in conjunction. That way you’ll have a perfect opening (orifice) and the perfect hafnium pit depth every time.

2. Not having a routine maintenance plan

When you’re consistently on track in installing good consumables into your CNC plasma torch, you’re setting yourself up for the best possible cuts. From monitoring gas pressure to making sure you have the correct piercing and height angle on your torch—there’s plenty of things to consistently check throughout each shift.

3. Low surface area exposed to coolant

Increasing the surface area exposed to coolant helps prevent warping of the tips orifice. This protects the arc’s form, helping avoid unintended bevel and dross that could result from a poorly-formed arc. A cooler-running tip/nozzle will last longer, delivering higher-quality cuts and less downtime for change-outs. It’s also important that if you see the cooling system pressure is below the amount recommended by the manufacturer, that you’re ensuring the entire coolant path is in order.

All-in-all, if you’re finding yourself linking poor cut quality issues to your consumables then you’ll need to come up with a routine to make sure you’re maximizing the life from your consumables.

Checklist for maintaining plasma consumables

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