CleanCut™ Electrode

A Quick Overview: Copper VS. Silver

CleanCut™ Technology

Copper Electrodes

Manufacturers have used copper as a source for CNC plasma cutting electrodes for years. As technology has progressed, American Torch Tip has found that these are the cause for many consumable change-outs. Copper has a low heat tolerance compared to other metals, this means that as you operate your CNC plasma machine regularly, the heat from your torch is eating away at your electrodes, causing damage to your other consumables and affecting cut quality.

When the electrode expels molten copper and hafnium onto the inside wall of the nozzle and shield, it ruins your consumables and requires more downtime for change-outs.

Silver Electrode Versus Copper Hafnium Wear

CleanCut™ Electrode Benefits

  1. CleanCut™ CNC plasma cutting electrodes have about 20% more thermal conductivity than their copper counterparts.
  2. Silver tipped electrodes can be used until the hafnium pit-depth is approximately 2 mm. Compare this to copper electrodes that must be replaced when the hafnium pit depth is 1 mm – a shorter usable life.
  3. Upgrading to our CleanCut™ Electrode saves you the hassle of constantly changing out your consumables, saving you time and money.

CNC Plasma PT36

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