CleanCut™ High Velocity Nozzle

Next Generation Plasma Consumables from PHD®

• High-velocity ultra-smooth cut
• Less back spatter, dross and unintended bevel
• You’ll spend less time on secondary operations – like grinding and hole-reaming.

CleanCut™ nozzle has a more stable and uniform plasma arc column.

How is the PHD® CleanCut™ nozzle different than the competition?

The patent pending CleanCut™ nozzle employs a divergent smooth-bore configuration that boosts gas velocity.

It also reduces turbulence and produces a more stable and uniform plasma arc column, resulting in an ultra-smooth cut with less back spatter, dross and unintended bevel.

Controlling the plasma gas flow at microscopic levels is the key to clean cuts, and cleaner cuts mean increased productivity and lower costs.

Easy Plug-and-Play change-outs.

Designed and manufactured in the USA by American Torch Tip.


PHD® CleanCut™ Silver Electrodes will help you:

  • Transfer heat away from critical torch parts
  • Increase the life of your plasma cutting consumables up to 2x
  • Save you money on your plasma operation costs

Learn more about the evolution of CleanCut™ electrodes and how they can help you make the most out of your plasma cutting operations.

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