Safety Testing Products


American Torch Tip cutting tips are precision manufactured and flame tested for precise control on your production line.


2. LEAK TESTED – Regulators

Our regulators are built with forged brass bodies and stainless steel diaphragms. After assembly the regulators are meticulously tested for leaks and adjusted as necessary to meet precise performance standards.


regulator adjustment and perfromance tested

Up-graded parts added

regulators are tested for leaks and performance

Leak and performance testing


Cutting attachment final assembly

3. PROMIX™ – Inside Our Victor® Style Cutting Attachments

Cutting torches are only as good as their mixer. The ProMix design reduces the risk of overheating, flashback and burn back resistance.

ProMix™ Performance Testing

duramix oxyfuel cutting torch by American Torch Tip

Mixer Performance

Critical mixer components are made to insure maximum performance, durability, and the proper mix of gases needed to generate maximum pre-heat flame and cutting performance.

Proper set up, pressure settings, flame adjustment and tip to work distance are essential to torch performance. Precision machining and better design offer resistance to all types of adverse conditions, improper settings and heavy reflective heat applications.