Oxy-fuel cutting charts for Smith style torches

Cutting Charts, or Cut Charts, are a way to quickly determine the optimum settings for your cutting torch. The tip size, oxygen orifice, and pressure settings for oxygen and fuel gases, all effect the quality of your cut, and vary according to thickness of the materials you are cutting, and fuel gas you are using.

Smith Style Cutting ChartsUse links below to view/download cut charts for these often used Smith® style cutting tips:

SC50 (Propane & Natural Gas)
SC12 & MC12 (Acetylene)

If you need help selecting the best tip for your project, read this post Selecting the correct cutting tip for oxy-fuel.

Read your equipment manual to learn about safe use of your oxy-fuel cutting torch. If you inherited an oxy-fuel torch, and don’t have the original manual, you can download one here.

more safety information is available in this excellent book about cutting with oxyfuel equipmentRecommended Best Practices:

For more information about cutting process, procedures and safety practices the American Welding Society (AWS) publishes Recommended Practices For Safe Oxy-fuel Gas Cutting Torch Operation.

Revised and expanded, this book describes the cutting process and presents the latest procedures and safety requirements, using terminology and practices compatible with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) documents. Illustrations show torch and nozzle configurations, and examples of production-cut surfaces. ANSI Approved. approx. 53 pages.

Follow this link to buy it from the AWS Online Store.


Video – the basics of acetylene and oxygen torch cutting.

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