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Thermatec thermal spray consumables and repair parts

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Made in the USA

We manufacture high-performance precision thermal spray replacement parts and consumables for many models. 100 % of our Thermatec® products are made and assembled in the USA.

How To Make Thermal Spray Consumables Last Longer

Learn how to decrease change-outs and increase productivity here.

thermal spray barrel roughness average (Ra)

Quality Assurance

Automated micro-vision inspection systems verify critical part dimensions and raw materials are subjected to verification of alloy composition.

Precision Manufacturing

We use the strictest tolerances, up to .0005 and Roughness Averages (Ra) from 2-4 with our Find repair parts for thermal spray equipment in our catalogHVOF nozzles. Strict inspections are applied at the floor level on CNC or milling machines, to our final inspection department. All parts are hand polished and packaged with gloves.

Most Well Known Systems

HVOF, Plasma, Twin Wire Arc, Flame Spray, Powder Flame Spray – Nozzles, combustion chamber, injectors, o-rings, air caps, anodes, tips, electrodes.

We Don’t Just Make Replacement Parts

We make custom parts for many of our customers along with private label parts for unique customer requirements. We also make parts for many older guns, those hard to find or that have been discontinued.


All parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM quality and longevity.