Through-Arm Robotic MIG Guns


An Innovation In Through-Arm Robotic MIG Welding

Lightning® KNL-360º is a through-arm robotic MIG gun that is designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. by American Torch Tip.
through-arm robotic MIG gun
It features Infinite Rotation which reduces weld cycle times, Zero Cable Torsion which extends the life of the cable & consumables, and repeatable TCP to reduce change time dramatically.

Older technologies limited the ability to rotate the device more than 180º since any rotation past that would twist & tear the wires inside of the cables.

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Standard 22º, 45º & 180º goosenecks or custom lengths and angles are available.

Lightning® uni-cable is standard – optimum conductivity, heat dissipation, stretch and kink resistance. Learn about the importance of MIG system cables here.

Diffusers, contact tips and nozzles for Robotic MIG guns



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Learn ways to increase productivity and avoid welding related production slowdowns; download a Troubleshooting Guide; or choose the best Diffuser – Contact Tip – Nozzle combination for your equipment. Find it all here.

robotic mig torch adaptersPrecision Components

Change outs can be made with confidence that the gooseneck will always be aligned with the gun housing, insuring reliability and repeatability. 22˚ robotic arms, adapters for most wire feeders, and a complete line of replacement parts are available.


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