Lightning® MIG Guns & 耗材

我们以质量保证认真, 特别是当它涉及到的工具,你靠, 一小时一小时, 连日.

半自动 MIG枪,,sv,自动化MIG手电筒,,sv,ROBOTIC MIG手电筒,,sv,我们的产品开发团队创建的Lightning®MIG枪超过了所有行业标准,,enLightning semi-automatic MIG gun is virtually indestructible

  • 坚固的喷嘴
  • 延长生命耗材
  • Lifetime Warranty on Handle and Switch
  • Cool-running and long-lasting tapered seat design
  • 100% 试用满意度

From 250 amp to 550 放大器, we build our semi-automatic guns from materials and components that will continue to function in heavy industrial environments. Learn more here…

AUTOMATED MIG手电筒,,en,双启动点接触提示 - 两倍的生命,,en

  • Dual Start-Point Contact Tip — Twice The Life
  • Heavy Duty Body
  • High Strength Cable
  • 100% 试用满意度

The Lightning Auto MIG is made to stand up to the high heat conditions typical in the production environment. The conversion to Lightning® is simple – unplug your existing gun, and plug-in the Lightning® Auto. Learn more here…


  • 一致T.C.P.Welding automated robotic MIG gun
  • 专为大批量生产
  • Increased Weld-Efficiencies
  • 100% 试用满意度

“ 550 amp Lightning robotic MIG gun stands up to excessive vibration, 电缆鞭, 温度波动和意外事故. 我们有适配器大多数送丝机和焊枪更换零件库存的完整产品线. Learn more here…

MIG Consumables

MIG consumables available from attc我们接触的技巧, 护头和喷嘴达到硬性标准, 包括光谱的原材料和所有关键尺寸的微视觉系统的检查验证. 这些测量系统能够检测到的差异 .0005 英寸.

PRECISION Fabrication

We make all consumables right here at our USA facility, as well as our semi-automatic, automatic and robotic guns and torches.

MIG Nozzle Tip


Our product development team created the Lightning® MIG Gun to exceed all industry standards. After testing the gun in real world environments, we decided to give it a few final tests, as seen in the video above.

To order or for more information:
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