5 Ways To Keep Your Cool

When the plasma torch cooling system is maintained, the plasma torch runs smoothly and efficiently.冷却器等离子体炬运行, the better the cut result – with less slag and unintended bevel.

火炬冷却系统的完整性进行定期监测, 以及整个等离子体焰炬的冷却系统的一致的维护会产生更长的易损件寿命,,en,检查等离子体炬冷却系统压力,,en, 产生更好的裁员,并减少需要切割后研磨和清理时间.

如果你的等离子体炬的冷却系统不能在其最佳级操作, 检查 5 潜在的问题点如下.


1. You Got Me Under Pressure

Regularly maintain the cooling system to avoid low coolant flow or high temperatures that can shut down your production line.Check the plasma torch cooling system pressure. If you see it is below the amount recommended by the manufacturer, a detailed check of the entire coolant path is in order.
  • Is the filter upstream from the pump old or dirty? Clean the filter or replace it with a new one.
  • Is the pump itself in good shape? As pumps age, their efficiency wanes. Adjust the pump to allow for wear — or better yet, replace it.
  • Are hoses and fittings flush and tight?

2. Resistance is Futile

As time goes by, coolant can take on tiny bits of copper and other particles of conductive materials. This contamination can cause difficulty in starting the torch, because the necessary power needed to fire the pilot arc is sapped by the conductive materials in the coolant.
The best way to diagnose this condition is with a conductivity meter, 这在火炬冷却测量电阻. Your manufacturer can recommend the proper coolant resistivity for your system.
This video describes a typical conductivity meter.


3. Go With The Flow

Make a visual check of your plasma cutting cooling system with a simple flowmeter.The coolant may not be flowing through the system at the proper volume. Collect and measure the volume from the return line for about one minute, then see how your result stacks up against the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Consider installing a flow meter in the coolant line. It’s an easy, and inexpensive, 办法目视检查火炬冷却系统流量. 他们在各种尺寸与管道或软管接头有空. Check your equipment manual to determine the acceptable flow rate (GPM的) for your cooling system and let this guide your buying decision.


It's important to regularly clean the plasma torch coolant.4. Keep Cool and Carry On

  • 如果检查出所有上述和冷却液温度仍在运行热, 你可能有故障的机械或电子系统组件之一, 和设备手册将需要进一步的诊断. 更多的故障排除线索,并在这里对冷却液的信息.
  • If the coolant is freezing on its trip through the system, make sure the mix of water-to-glycol matches the specifications recommended by your manufacturer for your climate. Glycol reduces the freezing point in water, making freeze-ups less likely.
    Learn more about coolant here.


5. Let’s Be Perfectly Clear About This

If you have found that returning coolant appears chalky white, most likely air is entering the system at some point. A main cause of this is a low level of coolant in the reservoir.

Make sure the level of coolant in the reservoir is always at the manufacturer’s recommended level. If coolant levels are correct and the milkiness persists, check the inlet connection on the pump, including the gasket, to ensure a tight fitting.

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