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How to Prevent Premature MIG Contact Tip Failure

Contact tips are meant to fail. They’re one of the most used (and abused) consumables, and it’s important to replace yours on a regular schedule. But ask any welder their frustrations about the job, and premature contact tip failure is likely to be near the top of the list. [...]

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How to Decide on the Right Robotic Through-Arm MIG Welding Gun

More and more users of robotic MIG welding systems are switching from the older “over-arm” assemblies to modern robotic through-arm MIG gun configurations. The through-arm MIG gun allows the cable assembly to reside inside the robotic arm, instead of outside the arm, which is where the cable is found in [...]

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American Torch Tip Welcomes Back Justin Bancs

American Torch Tip is proud to announce that Justin Bancs has rejoined our team as Inside Sales Manager. Justin began his career with ATTC in 2013 as a member of the Inside Sales department and quickly established himself as a leader and a valuable resource for his customers, bringing [...]

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The History of Plasma Cutting: The Evolution of Plasma Cutting

In the world of modern metal fabrication, plasma cutting is ubiquitous. The low cost, ease of use, and capabilities of plasma cutting systems make them practical for a wide variety of everyday uses. That hasn’t always been the case, however. Keep reading to learn the history of plasma cutting [...]

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American Torch Tip Welcomes Frank Laberi

As part of our continuing effort to support growth within our industry, American Torch Tip Co. is proud to welcome Frank Laberi of New Baltimore, Michigan to our Sales Team as Key Account Manager for Canadian operations!   Frank is an industry veteran and brings with him over 25 [...]

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What is “Ergonomic”?: Ergonomic Factors of MIG Welding Guns

Ergonomic is a buzzword in the description of many tools, but it’s tossed around frequently when referring to MIG welding torches. So, what exactly is ergonomic?   The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ergonomic as: /ˌərɡəˈnämik/ adjective relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. [...]

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Women in Manufacturing: How Women Can Save Manufacturing

The times they are a-changin’. Bob Dylan’s famous song from 1964 is still as relevant today as it was during the cultural revolution that represented the largest generational values shift in our history. In those days, women were celebrating the Equal Pay Act, reading Betty Friedan, and breaking the [...]

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Remembering Jessi Combs – The “Fastest Woman on Earth”

History is full of trailblazing women. Many of them endeavored to explore, defy, and innovate in spite of the ridicule, doubt, and general disregard they faced from their peers. Their accomplishments were often ignored, downplayed, or outright stolen from them and credited to others. Nevertheless, without their actions, we [...]

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The 5 Types of Plasma Bevel Cuts

There are many different types of plasma cuts and each one requires different processes and tools. If you do it wrong it can cost you lots of time and money, cutting into your profits. In this article, we will explain the different types of plasma cuts and their proper [...]

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Cutting in the Right Direction: How Does A Plasma Cutter Work?

Looking to perfect your plasma cutting? The first step to improvement is deepening your knowledge. In this article, we will discuss: How does a plasma cutter work The dangers of damaged equipment Where you can find high-quality plasma cutting torches and consumable How Does a Plasma Cutter Work If [...]

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All Steel is the Same, right?

When purchasing material, it’s hard not to get sticker shock. Costs have more than doubled on most types and grades over the past year. With those increases comes the need to understand exactly what you are buying so you can make an educated selection of the best material for [...]

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Handheld Plasma Cutting vs. Oxy Fuel Cutting

Handheld plasma cutting machines and oxy fuel cutting are both very common methods for metal fabrication and repair. Which technology is best? Here are some pros and cons of each. Pros & Cons of Plasma Cutting Machines PROS: Can be used to cut any electrically-conductive material (steel, stainless steel, [...]

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Ask About our Torch Replacement Conversion Program.

Ready to increase the lifetime of your consumables and the quality of your cuts (or welds) by switching to American Torch Tip? We are so sure you will love our products that we will replace all of your torches – for free – with lifetime warranties when you become a regular customer. Reach out to learn more.

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