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Handheld Plasma Cutting vs. Oxy Fuel Cutting

Handheld plasma cutting machines and oxy fuel cutting are both very common methods for metal fabrication and repair. Which technology is best? Here are some pros and cons of each. Pros & Cons of Plasma Cutting Machines PROS: Can be used to cut any electrically-conductive material (steel, stainless steel, [...]

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Plasma Cutter Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Cutter

If you’re new to plasma cutting, or just want to upgrade your plasma cutter, this guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to make an informed decision on buying a new plasma cutter. If you’re coming from an oxy-fuel torch, you’ll be a bit ahead of the game. [...]

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What is Plasma?

Plasma cutters are so accessible and easy to use that we take the science behind them for granted. So, what is plasma, really? Most of us learned in high school that there are three states of matter and as energy is applied to a substance it changes state from [...]

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Plasma Cutter Uses; 8 Reasons to Go Plasma

There are a lot of ways to cut metal. Here’s why you should be using a plasma cutter. 1. Plasma Cutters Have a Variety of Uses & Can Cut Any Type of Metal. Steel? Check. Aluminum? Check. Stainless? Also check. Your plasma cutter isn’t a picky eater. You can [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas, or MIG welding, is generally the easiest welding method to learn and use. Even so, it is not foolproof and trouble may occur if the operator is inexperienced with their equipment, technique, and maintenance. Here, we address some frequently asked questions from our customers. Find the [...]

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Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting

With plasma cutting systems being widely used in fabrication and repair, they have naturally become a go-to tool for cutting many different types of material. While plasma cutting systems are capable of cutting any electrically-conductive material, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account when attempting to [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting, while generally easy and efficient, isn’t always as easy as pull and cut. Here, we address some frequently asked questions from our customers.   Q: What type of material can be cut with a plasma cutter? A: Any electrically-conductive material including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. [...]

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Plasma Cutting History: The Evolution of Plasma Cutting

In the world of modern metal fabrication, plasma cutting is ubiquitous. The low cost, ease of use, and capabilities of plasma cutting systems make them practical for a wide variety of everyday uses. That hasn’t always been the case, however. Here’s how plasma cutting evolved to the current-day state: [...]

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The Welder’s Slang Dictionary

Welding Slang: How to Talk the Talk Like a Pro Every industry has its own secret language and welding is no exception. This can make life difficult for those outside the industry or the novice looking to learn more about the trade. In order to make things easier for [...]

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The Pros, Cons and Best Ways of Welding Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a popular building material long heralded for its durability and substantial resistance to corrosion. Welding with this attractive metal does pose some unique challenges that need to be considered before launching into a project with stainless steel. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and [...]

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The Plasma Cutting Basics: 5 Essentials to Start

So, you want to start plasma cutting? First, you’ll need to know the plasma cutting basics! If you’ve ever done any metal fabrication, it’s almost a given that you’ve wished you had a plasma cutter. While oxy-fuel and saw cutting works pretty well for most purposes, the versatility and [...]

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Welding & Metalworking in the US Military

Every branch of the US Armed Forces must build, repair, and maintain equipment using the same practices which are common in the civilian sector. Here is a breakdown on welding and metalworking roles and responsibilities by service branch. Welding in the US Army The United States Army classifies jobs [...]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Risk to Fabricators

Carpal Tunnel: The potentially career-ending condition you need to know about Most of us have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome but few of us actually understand what it is and the risks we face of developing it. In this article, we will discuss what carpal tunnel syndrome is, what [...]

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The 4 Main Types of Oxy/Fuel Heating Cutting, & Welding Gases

The 4 Main Types of Oxy/Fuel Heating Cutting, & Welding Gases A flame is a flame, right? Well, not exactly. While all industrial fuel gases are capable of generating a flame, their properties can be very different. Here is a rundown on the four common types of oxy/fuel heating [...]

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Ask About our Torch Replacement Conversion Program.

Ready to increase the lifetime of your consumables and the quality of your cuts (or welds) by switching to American Torch Tip? We are so sure you will love our products that we will replace all of your torches – for free – with lifetime warranties when you become a regular customer. Reach out to learn more.

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