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Welding Hazards & Risk Management 101

How to Approach Welding Hazards Welding and fabrication require the use of specialized tools and equipment to perform processes that present elevated risks that must be understood and mitigated in order to work safely and prevent death or serious injury to the operator and other nearby persons. It is [...]

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How to Start a Career in Welding

A career as a welder can be very rewarding. Good pay, high job demand, and opportunities for advancement into robotics or management (or both.) But it’s not a career you can just decide to start overnight. It takes specialized training, skill development, and certifications, so we put together a [...]

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How to Evaluate Plasma Cut Quality

Evaluating Plasma Cut Quality Plasma cutting is a tremendously capable technology, but the quality of your cut can vary. With minimal training, an operator can employ a plasma cutting system for the accurate and efficient fabrication of any electrically conductive material. In most cases, the cut quality produced by [...]

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Why TIG Welding Is Better Than MIG Welding

TIG welding and MIG welding both use electric arcs, filler metals and shielding gasses to create a weld. But their techniques, applications and finishes are quite different. As with any welding project, success depends on choosing the right processes and equipment, so we created a list of reasons to [...]

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Basics of MIG Welding: MIG Gun Liners

Basics of MIG Welding: MIG Gun Liners Have you ever encountered feeding problems in MIG Welding? MIG Gun Liners can help. Oftentimes, feeding problems can be prevented with the right equipment maintenance. Welding problems are a mild inconvenience at their least. At their worst, they contribute substantially to lost [...]

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Hardfacing 101: Making Tough Tougher

Hardfacing Makes Tough Tougher Have you ever needed to increase the strength of a metal part to help prevent wear? Hardfacing is a fairly simple and effective way to decrease wear on your metal parts, helping them to succeed in their intended use. Keep reading to learn what hardfacing [...]

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A Simple Guide to Selecting the Right Welding Helmet in 2021

A Simple Guide to Selecting the Right Welding Helmet in 2021 Before you select a welding helmet, it’s important to ask what you need it to do. This answer may seem obvious. You need it to protect your eyes, right? Of course! However, there’s a variety of other factors [...]

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Multi-Process Welder Roundup: Who’s the Best? (Part II)

20 of The Best Multi Process Welding Machines of 2021 Part II Why spend thousands on multiple machines when one can do it all? In this two-part series, we take a look at the best multi process welder machines from the masters of versatility! See Part I Forney Think [...]

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Multi Process Welder Roundup: Who’s the Best? (Part I)

Top 20 Multi Process Welder Machines of 2021 Part I Why spend thousands on multiple machines when one can do it all? In this two-part series, we take a look at the masters of versatility! See Part II Eastwood Eastwood claims their machines are “Built for The Professional.” We’ll [...]

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10 MIG Welder Preventative Maintenance Tips

All trade professionals rely on their tools to make a living. Like any piece of equipment, your MIG welder requires regular preventative maintenance to maintain optimal performance. Below are some tips to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. 10. Keep It Covered When Not In Use Using a cover [...]

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5 Causes Of Contact Tip Burnback update

The wire is one MIG gun component that can make or break a successful weld. A good, steady wire feed increases your ability to maintain consistently good welds. But what if your MIG wire burns back to the tip, causing burnback? This common issue happens when the wire burns [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About MIG Contact Tips

If a MIG welding gun is fitted with the best parts for the job, the result is a high-quality, sturdy weld that’s completed with little downtime to fix your rig. But that’s a big IF, because figuring out what those parts are feel like a puzzle where all the [...]

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Ask About our Torch Replacement Conversion Program.

Ready to increase the lifetime of your consumables and the quality of your cuts (or welds) by switching to American Torch Tip? We are so sure you will love our products that we will replace all of your torches – for free – with lifetime warranties when you become a regular customer. Reach out to learn more.

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