4 Tips for Improving Robotic MIG Gun Welding



MIG is surely the most popular platform for most welding operations. Robotic MIG guns help decrease the cost of productivity and maintenance in most industries. Here are a few tips to help you improve your Robotic operations even more.

1. Pick the Right Wire

Robotic welding involves very precise tolerances. Even small variations in your wire-feed process can result in low-quality welding. A wire that is engineered for robotic MIG applications will provide you better wire-feeding characteristics. For many Robotic MIG applications, a metal-core wire delivers bead appearance and travel speeds. A solid wire is a less-expensive, high-quality alternative.

2. Select Top-Notch Consumables

MIG gun consumables play a crucial role in ensuring good welding quality. By not running a consistent current to your contact tips while they’re under extreme heat for hours and days may cause excessive wear to your consumables.


3. Own the Best Robotic MIG Gun

Durability is a crucial quality in both your semi-automatic and Robotic MIG guns. In the case of robotic applications, durability becomes paramount in selecting the correct MIG gun. Selecting a stronger robotic MIG gun will reduce your downtime and lessen lost production and product-replacement cost.

Typically, the gooseneck on your gun takes most of the blunt-force of any impact resulting from accidental contact with your work piece, so choosing a gooseneck built from lightweight-yet-tough material is important in maintaining the correct tool center point (TCP).

Migrating your production process over to a robotic system is never a small task. Doing so without selecting the right equipment can cause you excessive downtime and greater expense.

4. Identify Causes and Discover Solutions to Other Common MIG Gun Challenges.

There are many tips for improving your Robotic MIG results beyond the three we’ve listed above. For these, we’ve compiled a full guide for you to keep handy. It’s the only MIG troubleshooting guide you’ll need, featuring nine common symptoms, 42 causes and solutions to your most common MIG gun challenges.


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