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Multi-Process Welder Roundup: Who’s the Best? (Part II)

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20 of The Best Multi Process Welding Machines of 2021 Part II

Why spend thousands on multiple machines when one can do it all? In this two-part series, we take a look at the best multi process welder machines from the masters of versatility!

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Think you can’t afford a multi-process machine? These options from Forney are budget-friendly and neon green. What’s not to love?

Easy Weld 140MP

best multi process welder - Forney Easy Weld

This 120-volt machine from Forney is the most affordable on our list. At 20 pounds, it’s also the most portable. With the 140MP, you’ll get a 140A of maximum output (30% duty cycle @ 90A), a single-pass capacity of ¼” mild steel, 8″ spool capacity, a 10′ MIG gun, an 8′ electrode holder, and a small handful of consumables.

To keep the price low, they don’t include a TIG torch (we recommend a 9FV series). Considering the MSRP of $470.29, this is quite a bargain machine and would be a great first choice for the hobbyist welder who doesn’t need TIG capability out of the box.


A significant jump up from its baby brother, the 220MP gives the option of 120V or 230V input coupled with 220 amps of output power. The increase in power will bump up the duty cycle to 40% @200A at 230VAC and give you a single-pass capacity of ½” on mild steel. You’ll also get an upgraded 12.5’ Pro-Grip MIG gun, dual gas ports (no more changing gas connections between processes), and a metal drive system. 17FV TIG torch and foot pedal are optional. MSRP is $1,149.49, and the warranty jumps from one year to three years.


Multi-Handler 200

For all intents and purposes, the Multi-Handler 200 is the baby brother of Miller’s Multimatic 215. The two machines are identical in weight at 38 pounds, both are rated for single-pass welds on 3/8” mild steel, and both feature a full-color LCD display. The Hobart isn’t quite as powerful with a 200A rating @ 15% duty cycle at 240VAC versus the Miller’s 230A @ 20%, but this is a small tradeoff to save over $600.00.

The Multi-Handler also comes with a TIG torch, where the Multimatic 215 does not. Welders should seriously consider this machine when looking for out-of-the-box performance without being nickeled and dimed. MSRP is $1,199.99.


Despite being one of the most well-known brands in the industry, Big Red brings a lackluster offering to the table for the best multi process welder machines.

Power MIG 140 MP

This lightweight, portable unit from Lincoln isn’t exactly going to blow anyone’s skirt up, but it may be just what you need. This compact unit boasts up to 140A of output with a duty cycle rating of 60% @ 90A on 120-volt power only. The output will allow you a single pass capacity of 3/16″ on mild steel.

Included in the box are a 10′ Magnum PRO 100L MIG gun, a 10′ electrode holder, and a handful of consumables. You won’t get a TIG torch or foot pedal with this machine, although both are available as optional accessories, as is a spool gun for aluminum MIG welding. MSRP is $899.00, which is $100 more than the Eastwood Elite MP200i, and that machine is dual voltage, far more powerful, and includes a TIG torch in the box.

Power MIG 210 MP

best multi process welder - Lincoln Electric

The Power MIG 210 MP is Lincoln’s most popular multi-process model. This machine will run on 120 volts or 230 volts and weighs only 40 pounds. It’s rated for 210 amps of maximum output and rated for 20% duty cycle @ 200A on 240 volts. The model will get you a single pass capacity of 5/16″ on mild steel. Out of the box, you’ll get a Magnum PRO 175L MIG gun, a 10′ electrode holder, a handful of consumables, and two sample rolls of wire.

Expect to pay extra for a 17V TIG torch and foot pedal, as well as a DINSE adapter to connect the torch. With an MSRP of $1,699.00, Lincoln doesn’t exactly impress anyone with the (lack of) value with the Power MIG 210MP, especially when compared to the Everlast Power MTS 251Si. This more powerful machine also has a high-frequency start, pulse mode and includes a TIG torch and foot pedal for $160 less.


From our selection of the best multi process welder machines, novices and pros alike will benefit from Miller’s ease of use if they can afford the price tag.

Multimatic 215

Miller’s entry-level multi-process offering isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but it is feature-packed. The Multimatic 215 is versatile and very user-friendly.

It runs on 120 volt or 240-volt power, weighing only 38 pounds, and features Miller’s proprietary Auto-Set Elite function and Smooth-Start technology. The Multimatic 215 also includes automatic spool gun detection, Fan-On-Demand, and an MVP plug system. This machine has 230 amp of output and is rated for a 20% duty cycle @ 200A on 240 volts.

With that output, you should get a single pass capacity of 3/8″ on mild steel. It includes a 10′ MDX-100 MIG gun and a 13′ electrode holder in the box. Somewhat disappointingly, Miller does not include a TIG torch or foot pedal with the Multimatic 215, and getting set up for this process will tack on an additional $500 or so. With an MSRP of $1,815.00, this is a tough pill to swallow.

Multimatic 220

The fourth of the AC/DC machines on our list, the Multimatic 220, is one of the best well-rounded multi process welder machine capable of filling any role in the shop. In addition to all the bells and whistles of the Multimatic 215, you’ll get a slight boost of 10 amps of additional output as well as high-frequency start, pulse TIG mode, QuickTech auto-setup function, and ProSet parameter assistance.

The extra capabilities of this machine do add some heft, though, contributing to a weight of 56 pounds. In addition to the 10′ MDX-100 MIG gun and 13′ electrode holder, it includes a WP-17 torch and foot pedal with the Multimatic 220. This eye-popping package carries a to-be-expected price tag of $3,455.00

Multimatic 235

If you need a true industrial class machine without the capability for AC TIG welding, the Multimatic 235 should fit the bill very well. It is a 240 volt-only machine with a 60% duty cycle rating @ 170 amps. It has a 12″ wire spool capacity with dual drive rollers and twin shielding gas inputs, and while it does not offer a high-frequency start for TIG welding, it does retain pulse mode (DC only). The Gun-On-Demand feature recognizes whether the operator has a MIG gun or spool gun attached and automatically recalls the settings with the first pull of the trigger. The Multimatic 235 also comes standard with an MDX-250 MIG gun. TIG torch and foot pedal are sold separately. The capability of the Multimatic 235 will set you back $2,335.00.

Harbor Freight

Just a few years ago, no professional worth his salt would be caught dead using Harbor Freight tools. Times have changed, and you should take these multi-process machines seriously.

Titanium Unlimited 200

best multi process welder - harbor freight

This machine has many similarities to the Eastwood Elite MP200i, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they made them in the same plant. They are identical in nearly every way, including amperage, spool capacity, duty cycle, design, control layout, and price. The only real notable difference is the weight. The Titanium Unlimited 200 is listed as weighing only 24 pounds, which is surprisingly light for a 200A machine. Could this possibly be a typo in the marketing literature? This machine comes with a 10′ 180A MIG Gun, 10′ 150 TIG torch, & 10′ electrode holder. While there are 2T and 4T switch modes, it is essential to note that there is no foot pedal option. The price is the same as the Eastwood Elite MP200i at $799.99.

Given that these two machines are so very similar, it’s also necessary to compare the warranty. The Eastwood Elite MP200i has a 3-year warranty. The Titanium Unlimited 200 only has a 90-day warranty.

Vulcan OmniPro220

If, after reading this, the Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP is still on your shortlist, the Vulcan OmniPro 220 should knock it off. It bests the Lincoln with a larger display, single-pass rating of 3/8″ on mild steel, and a significantly lower price tag. The two machines have the same max output, duty cycle ratings, and input voltage options. The Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP only has the Vulcan beat in two areas: weight (40lbs vs. 49lbs), and warranty (3 years vs. 90 days). If the last two factors aren’t a deal-killer for you, the OmniPro 220 retails for $1,099.99 ($550 less than the Lincoln).

Let’s Recap. Who Came Out As The Best Multi Process Welder?

  • Best Budget Machine: Eastwood Elite MP140i
  • Best All-Around: Everlast Lightning MTS 275
  • Most Feature Packed: Miller Millermatic 220


Click Here For a Comparison Chart:

Multi-Process Welder Comparison Chart

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