GEN™ Nozzles solve your Trumpf High Speed Eco problems


American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) Now Offering the GEN™ Nozzle for Laser Cutting

Bradenton, FL, Oct 11, 2019 — American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC), an American manufacturer of welding and cutting torches, consumables, parts and accessories with 79 years of experience has designed the Patent Pending Nozzle, trademarked GEN™ (Gas Efficient Nozzle) for Laser Cutting applications. This improved design speaks directly to common customer issues. The sleeve decreases the amount of turbulence during cutting and therefore decreases the amount of slag. The inner nozzle has been designed to provide a more secure fitting, preventing it from dislodging during cutting. Independent sleeve allows continuous contact with the plate during cutting, even when cutting over rough terrain. The Nozzle will significantly save on gas consumption. Short piercing times allow for increased acceleration and higher productivity and fee rates. This new product is American made with tight tolerances and high-quality materials Their goal is to create a better experience for their customers by reducing costs through the smart design. The GEN™ design is based on customer feedback and shared challenges.

Distributors and end-users alike are encouraged to explore these new products using American Torch Tip’s online part search containing over 20,000 SKU’s on their website at and filtering their searches as needed.

About American Torch Tip Co.

American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) manufactures a wide array of welding and cutting torches, consumables, parts and accessories at their plant in Bradenton, FL, USA. The company features branded automated plasma torches and consumables (PHD®, PHDX™) and CleanCut™ consumables), as well as a line of premier MIG welding guns and equipment (Lightning® MIG). ATTC manufactures and maintains thousands of SKUs, featuring parts and accessories covering all major brands of Plasma, MIG, TIG, Laser, Gas Apparatus/Oxy-Fuel and Thermal Spray technologies.



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