Miller® Fastip-Style Consumables


American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) Now Offering Miller® Fastip™-Style Consumables

Bradenton, FL, December 11th, 2018 — American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC), an American manufacturer of welding and cutting torches, consumables, parts and accessories with 78 years of experience is now manufacturing Miller® Fastip-style consumables compatible with the OEM in their Florida facility. Their goal is to help their customers save money and retain quality with American-made consumables with fast turn-around.

American Torch Tip inspects their contact tips with their critical-dimension vision inspection system and closely monitors and controls the entire manufacturing process at their facilities in Bradenton, FL.

Distributors and end-users alike are encouraged to explore these new products using American Torch Tip’s online part search containing over 24,000 SKU’s on their website at and filtering their searches appropriately.

About American Torch Tip Co.

American Torch Tip Co. (ATTC) manufactures a wide array of welding and cutting torches, consumables, parts and accessories at their plant in Bradenton, FL, USA. The company features branded automated plasma torches and consumables (PHD®, PHDX® and CleanCut™ consumables), as well as a line of premier MIG welding guns and equipment (Lightning® MIG). ATTC manufactures and maintains thousands of SKUs, featuring parts and accessories covering all major brands of Plasma, MIG, TIG, Laser, Gas Apparatus/Oxy-Fuel and Thermal Spray technologies 


Media Contact

Miriam Zeigler, Director of Marketing and Customer Service

Phone:           (941)753-7557

Email:            [email protected]

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