Multi Process Welder Roundup: Who’s the Best? (Part I)

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Top 20 Multi Process Welder Machines of 2021 Part I

Why spend thousands on multiple machines when one can do it all? In this two-part series, we take a look at the masters of versatility!

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Eastwood claims their machines are “Built for The Professional.” We’ll give you the facts, and you can decide for yourself if they live up to that moniker.

Elite MP140i

muti process welder - Eastwood

The first multi process welder machine on our list is The Eastwood Elite MP140i. As one of the least expensive machines on our list, one might expect it to be sorely lacking in features. After all, how much can you expect for something only 1/7 the cost of the most expensive machine on our list?

The MP140i, however, should be considered a serious value contender. It features 140A of output @ 30% duty cycle, 8″ spool capacity, a heavy-duty metal drive motor, IGBT inverter technology, digital display, built-in spot weld timer, and 3/16″ single-pass capacity on mild steel. You’ll also get a 10′ Trafimet ERGOPLUS 15 MIG gun, 10′ WP-17V TIG torch, and 12.5′ electrode holder, all for an MSRP of $499.99!

Elite MP200i

The MP200i is one of the lightest machines in its class at only 34 pounds. It is just as feature-packed as its little brother, just with more muscle. The MP200i is rated for a 20% duty cycle at 200A of output. It will also run on either 120VAC or 240VAC and has a 3/8″ single-pass capacity on mild steel.

The package includes a Trafimet ERGOPLUS 24 MIG torch, WP-17V TIG torch, and electrode holder. It is also spool gun compatible if you want to weld aluminum. Note that Eastwood does not offer a foot pedal for this machine. The MP200i also has a built-in spot weld timer. At $799.99, the MP200i is also one of the most affordable machines on our list.

Elite MP250i

Eastwood really knocked it out of the park with the MP250i. If you need a machine for serious, all-day-long work on steel, put this one on your shortlist. With a 60% duty cycle @ 250A, a 12″ spool capacity, and dual bottle mounts, you’ll have the power to run hot and fast with the MP250i. You’ll also get a Trafimet ERGOPLUS 24 MIG torch, WP-17V TIG torch, foot pedal, and electrode holder. Don’t expect to tote this powerhouse around the job site, however, as the large number of features tips the scale at a whopping 160 pounds (without gas bottles). For the price though, this package is hard to beat at an MSRP of $1,299.99.


When it comes to multi process welder machines, Esab brought their A-Game. The machine boasts features across the board, such as a multilingual TFT display, exclusive sMIG technology, and a five-handle “roll cage” chassis.

Rebel EMP 205ic

The EMP 205ic is one of the most feature-packed machines on our list. It is one of four machines capable of AC TIG mode (a must-have for serious aluminum work) and includes a pulse mode for DC TIG as well as high-frequency arc starting! It has a maximum output of 235A. Included in the box are a 180A Tweco Fusion Velocity MIG gun, Heliarc HW-17 TIG torch, foot pedal, and electrode holder.

A Tweco 200A spool gun is available separately, although this is hardly needed with the AC TIG mode built right in. However, these bells and whistles come at a cost, with the EMP205ic being limited to a 25% duty cycle and breaking the bank at $3,499.00.

Rebel EMP 215ic

The EMP 215ic is Esab’s most budget-friendly multi-process offering. It sheds nine pounds of weight versus the EMP 205ic (40lbs vs. 49lbs) and gives a slight boost to maximum output at 240 amps. The EMP 215ic does give up AC TIG mode, pulse capability, and high-frequency arc starting. If you can live without those features, you’ll save quite a bit, with an MSRP of $2,149.00 (significant savings over the EMP 205ic). Included are a 180A Tweco Fusion MIG gun, 17V style TIG torch, foot pedal, and Tweco electrode holder.

Rebel EMP 235ic

muti process welder - Esab

The EMP 235ic is a heavy-hitter. With 250A of maximum output and single-pass capacity of ½” mild steel at a reasonable 40% duty cycle, this machine will take the heat and keep on ticking. You’ll change your wireless frequently with this model as well, with a 12″ spool capacity versus 8″ on the smaller models. MSRP is $3,455.00. With this machine, you’ll get a Tweco Spraymaster 250 MIG gun and electrode holder. It does not include a TIG torch (we recommend a 26 series torch).


Next up on our list, we have four power-packed multi process welder machines from Everlast. If you’re not familiar with Everlast, you should be. They are all built on IGBT inverter technology, offer some of the best-in-class machines for the money, and they back all of their machines with an impressive 5-year warranty!

Power MTS 211Si

The MTS 211Si is Everlast’s 210A entry-level multi-process machine and is a serious bang for the buck. It features digital controls with a 9-program memory, high-frequency arc starting for TIG mode, 40% duty cycle, and a robust metal wire feed system. You’ll also get control over start/end amps, up/downslope, pre/post flow, and both 2T and 4T control for TIG mode. The MTS211Si package includes a 10′ 15 series MIG gun, 12.5′ 26 Series TIG torch, 10′ electrode holder assembly, and a foot pedal for precision TIG work. All of this comes with a price tag of $1,199.00.

Power MTS 251Si

As the big brother of the MTS 211Si, this machine is sure to be a fan favorite with its combination of features and price. The MTS251Si has 250A of output, a 12″ wire spool capacity, pulse mode for both MIG and TIG processes, and high-frequency arc start. With a 40% duty cycle and 3/8″ single-pass capacity on mild steel, this machine will be right at home in any fab shop or garage. The MTS251Si package includes a 10’ 24 series MIG gun, 12.5’ 26 series TIG torch, 10’ electrode holder assembly, and a foot pedal for precision TIG work. Add the optional water-cooling unit, and you’ve got a serious TIG rig! MSRP is $1,539.00.

Lightning MTS 225

The Lightning MTS 225 is the lead-in unit to Everlast’s second-generation multi-process machines. This machine features 160A of output @ 35% duty cycle on 240V, a synergistic Power Set function, LCD display, AC TIG mode, 16 slots of memory, pulse mode on both AC and DC TIG, high-frequency start, and square wave AC function. Included in the box are a 10′ 15 series MIG gun, 12.5′ 26 Series TIG torch, 10′ electrode holder assembly, and a foot pedal for precision TIG work. The Lightning MTS 225 is the second of the four machines on our list with AC TIG mode and by far the least expensive at $2,000.00.

Lightning MTS 275

According to Everlast, the Lightning MTS 275 “has about everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.” We tend to agree! This machine is the best all-around multi-process unit available today and includes all of the features of its little brother with 250A of output @ 60% duty cycle and a 12” spool capacity. You’ll also get upgraded to a 36 series MIG gun and 18 series TIG torch. All of Everlast’s units are compatible with their TIG torch water coolers and a 20 series torch, but the MTS 275 would see the most benefit due to its higher amperage. With an MSRP of $2,500, this machine tops our list and lands almost $1,000 below comparable units from Esab and Miller!

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