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3 Ways Your CNC Plasma Consumables Affect Cut Quality

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing poor cut quality when using your CNC plasma machine. Your CNC plasma cutting tip may be one of the primary causes for poor cut quality. Here are three ways that your consumables could affect cut quality.

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Improving Consumable Life

Many things can cause issues when dealing with plasma consumable longevity. Troubleshooting these issues can be difficult, especially for those new to mechanized plasma cutting. The following is a list of some common problems and solutions to poor electrode and nozzle life.

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Plasma Noise Levels

The noise level of plasma cutting is not only affected by the system being used, but is also dependent on the amperage, gas type and cutting table style. Other factors related to noise levels are environmental like building height, walls, and distance from operators. Walls and other obstacles tend [...]

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Robotic Welding in Manufacturing

Robotic welding in manufacturing processes will automate MIG welding to enhance safety, increase accuracy and increase throughput (less cycle time). These benefits make the robotic welding process a popular alternative to manual MIG welding. Several industries take advantage of this automated process to get the results they need as [...]

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Cutting Stainless Steel and Hex Chrome

Hex Chromium is found in many products, but we will focus on its use in stainless steel and how cutting produces it. Hex Chrome, or Hexavalent Chromium 6 is found naturally and is related to Chromium 3, which is necessary for human diets. Chromium 6 is a more toxic [...]

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Cut Height and Its Effects

Let’s discuss what an Arc Voltage Height Controller (AVHC), sometimes referred to as a Torch Height controller, is. Basically, a height controller consists of several components designed to automatically maintain proper height while plasma cutting. There are many different brands, but all have similar components, though they may be [...]

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Shielding Gases for Mig Welding

The primary function of shielding gas in GMAW welding is to protect the molten weld puddle from atmospheric contamination. These contaminants are in the form of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen that are contained in the atmosphere. The reaction of these elements with the weld pool can create a variety [...]

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What is the purpose of each plasma consumable?

The Consumable Stack Besides the torch or torch body a typical mechanized plasma system has upwards of seven components that make up what is commonly referred to as the consumable stack. Each manufacturer may call these items by a different name, but for purposes of this article we will [...]

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MIG Issues And How To Correct Them

Over the years, MIG welding processes have been improved with better welding equipment. With the more advanced equipment available today, it is possible for many operators to forget essential steps when performing the weld. Here are some common welding problems and some simple solutions.

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The Importance of Coolant

The Reason For Coolant Coolant is very important to plasma, it prevents the electrode and nozzle from melting due to the high temperature of the plasma arc. Some units can use air to cool these consumables but those are the smaller units cutting below 100 amps. When cutting at [...]

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Downdraft vs. Water Table

Downdraft table basics Let’s start the discussion by explaining how a downdraft table works. A downdraft table is a simple concept, a blower pulls air out of an enclosed table while a plate is being plasma cut. This works because most of the plasma smoke is pushed below the [...]

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The Importance of MIG Maintenance

The Importance of MIG Welder Maintenance Proper maintenance of welding equipment is essential to its efficiency and lifespan. Maintenance, done on a regular basis, can extend the service life of your equipment and reduce the cost of rework or replacement of equipment and consumables. Below are some recommended maintenance [...]

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Cable Trouble

Troubleshooting a poorly performing cable is an essential part of any MIG welding operation The cable is a key part of any MIG welding operation as it makes up the majority of the cost of the welding gun. It is surprising what goes into the MIG cable and where [...]

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Ask About our Torch Replacement Conversion Program.

Ready to increase the lifetime of your consumables and the quality of your cuts (or welds) by switching to American Torch Tip? We are so sure you will love our products that we will replace all of your torches – for free – with lifetime warranties when you become a regular customer. Reach out to learn more.

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