PHDX Series Plasma Torch Introduced


American Torch Tip (ATTC®) launches the new PHDX Series of torches for automated plasma cutting systems up to 260 Amp.

The PHDX torch is designed to keep consumables cooler through superior heat dissipation. Cooler-running consumables last longer, reducing the number of change-outs needed, increasing the number of parts cut, and improving your productivity. Test results show PHDX torches and consumables result in a clean cut profile, negligible unintended bevel and easily removable dross. Click on photo at right to see full size.

Conversion kits make replacing your current high-amp plasma torch quick and easy. For peace of mind, we offer our 100% Guarantee Trial Program, a Lifetime Warranty (the best torch warranty in the industry) and technical support by ATTC plasma specialists who know your equipment.

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260 AMP plasma cutting torch information

Try our Risk Free Plasma Trial Program. We’re confident your tests results will prove the long-term value of PHDX plasma torches.

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