Plasma Cutter Uses: 8 Reasons to Go Plasma

Welder Using a Plasma Cutter

While there are a lot of ways to cut metal, some methods are more effective than others. Plasma cutter uses in particular range in versatility from metal fabrication jobs to decorative purposes. Because of its high utility, plasma is the ideal cutting choice for many projects. So, here’s why you should be using a plasma cutter.

1. Plasma Cutters Have a Variety of Uses & Can Cut Any Type of Metal.

Steel? Check. Aluminum? Check. Stainless? Also check. Your plasma cutter isn’t a picky eater. You can feed it almost any type of metal or alloy. Since it uses an electric arc to cut all types of conductive metal, it is a productive way to get projects done. Although the cut quality will vary (especially depending on the gases used), your machine will eat it.

2. Plasma Cutting is Fast

Next on our list of plasma cutter uses is its ability to save you time on your projects. You can use a plasma cutter when you need to finish a project quickly. With cut speeds exceeding 100 inches per minute, plasma cutting is very fast compared to other methods. The speed will decrease with material thickness, of course, but for most everyday materials, plasma cutting offers considerable time savings.

3. You Won’t Need to Warm-Up Your Plasma Cutter

Plasma arcs can reach temperatures of up to 25,000 degrees Celsius. That’s almost five times hotter than the sun. That mind-boggling temperature is reached in milliseconds and will liquify metal instantly with no preheating. That means no waiting and no wasted energy.

4. Plasma Cutters Can Cut Almost Any Form of Material

If you wanted to cut various forms of metal (plate, tube, angle, beam, grating), you would need multiple different types of saws or shears. A plasma cutter can do it all. Some premium models even offer a continuous pilot arc mode that allows for cutting of expanded metal or grating with no loss of cut.

Plasma Cutter Uses

5. Plasma is Versatile

As mentioned at the beginning, plasma cutters are a great option because of their highly versatile nature. Not only can you cut with it, but you can also bevel, gouge, mark, and even weld! No other tool in your metalworking arsenal is so flexible.

6. Plasma is Easy to Use

There are few tools so capable as the plasma cutter that don’t require a formal education or at least detailed instruction and practice before using properly. With plasma, an operator with zero experience can pick up a torch and perform a high-quality cut in seconds. However, if you do have questions, we have the answers to your plasma cutting questions.

7. Plasma Cutting Doesn’t Produce Dangerous Gases

Most plasma cutting is done with compressed air. Nitrogen, argon, and even water are also used to assist with cutting. This is far safer than the acetylene, propylene, and other flammable and volatile gases used in oxy-fuel cutting processes.

8. Plasma is Affordable!

In the past few years, a plethora of economical handheld plasma cutters in the 20A – 100A range have hit the market. Systems that once cost thousands can now be had for hundreds. That puts this technology within reach for even the smallest of fabrication and repair shops.

To look into picking up your own plasma cutter, you can browse our selection of high-grade plasma cutting products from American Torch Tip.

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