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Lightning Comparison Guide

Discover What It’s Like To Have The Premium MIG Gun In The Market With This Lightning® Comparison Guide

A full comparison on how your MIG gun lines up with the premium brand on the market, Lightning® by American Torch Tip.

This comparison includes:

  • Gun & Cable Durability
  • Quality of Manufacturing
  • Warranties
  • Additional Features & Benefits

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MIG Troubleshooting Guide

The only MIG troubleshooting quick-reference guide you need to have handy in your shop to identify your symptoms, diagnose the cause and discover the solution.


  • 9 common symptoms
  • 42 causes
  • 42 solutions

Use this MIG troubleshooting guide to quickly diagnose the causes of your problems.


The 9 most common problems in MIG welding are:

  1. Wire not feeding or bumpy feeding
  2. Premature contact tip failure
  3. MIG gun running hot
  4. Porosity in weld
  5. Contact tip burn back
  6. Tip disengages from retaining head
  7. Erratic Arc
  8. Excess spatter
  9. Discolored liner

This guide contains all of the causes and solutions to these symptoms. Keep it posted in your shop for the next time you and/or your team are experiencing challenges with your operations.

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