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75th Anniversary Edition

The American Torch Tip Parts Reference Catalog is now available in a hard cover print version. Our new catalog contains complete parts break-downs for over 100 brands of cutting torches and welding equipment. It contains over 400 pages of information about the front-end components, including torches, guns, cables, power connectors, consumables and repair parts.

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New Features

In the front of the book there’s a new easy to use main table of contents that’s arranged (and color coded) in sections by platform and brand. If you already know what part you’re looking for, you can find it fast in the part number index at the back of the catalog.

At the front of each platform section you’ll find a more detailed section table of contents that includes any additional information that may be available like troubleshooting guides, wiring diagrams, etc. The American Torch Tip brands are presented at the beginning of each section, with the other brands following in alphabetical order.

Product Updates

plasma-sectionWe added new photography and illustrations throughout the book to make it easier to identify parts and their related components.

New in the MIG section are handy cross reference charts, troubleshooting guides and gun configuration information.

The Oxy-fuel section contains new gas apparatus equipment including complete outfits, cutting torches, welding tips, heating nozzles, regulators, check valves, hoses and accessories.

We also added new parts and assemblies, updated product information, and added enhanced specifications to items throughout the book.

Print vs. Digital – What’s the difference?

We also have a searchable digital version of our catalog available online. While both print and digital versions are identical and accurate as of October 2015, we will be updating the digital version periodically, so if you want the latest up-to-date information check out the digital versions here.

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