Welding Tools We Love And Think You’ll Love Too


As welding grows in demand and in popularity, so too does the number of welding tools, accessories and gadgets that are on the market today. It can even be a bit overwhelming to determine which tools are essential and which ones might end up sitting on the shelf. Factor in a reasonable budget and you’re probably looking for a short list of the absolute, go-to, can’t-live-without-them-welding-tools? Here are four items that should go to the top of the list.

Affordable Automation Does Exist With The BUG-O System

If you’re in need of an automated solution for welding and cutting tools that won’t break the bank, the BUG-O System is worth a serious look. A division of Weld Tooling Corporation, BUG-O Systems manufactures drives, carriages, rails and attachments that will automate welding guns, cutting torches and various other hand-held tools. Unlike other solutions, this one is inexpensive and provides welders with portable, interchangeable components offering precision and speed control. Applications include pipe welding, shipbuilding, structural fabrication and more.

For Versatility At A Great Price, Try The Nomad Welding Table From Strong Hand

Serious hobbyists and welding pros can agree that the Nomad Welding Table offers a deluxe assortment of features at a budget-friendly price point. The tabletop itself is impressive: it tilts to three positions, adjusts from 26 inches up to 32 and also has three L-slots for multiple clamps in just the right places. Need to take your skills on the road or maybe move your setup to another place in your shop? The Nomad weighs in at 44 lbs, offering just the right balance of durability and portability, plus it folds up easily when you need to store it away.

Steiner Industries Has Protective Clothing Covered

Quality is not something that a welder wants to compromise on when it comes to protective gear and with Steiner, that won’t be an issue. Steiner has a solid history of manufacturing and sourcing high-quality protective clothing since 1975, with a special focus on customer service. They feature an impressive range of gloves, clothing, blankets, screens and various other accessories. The clothing is broken down by benefit and includes arc-resistant jackets and shirts, flame-retardant hoods and caps, a carbonized fiber series—even a cotton/leather hybrid line. Pro welders will like their Pro Series glove, jacket and glove back pad offerings for those seeking serious protection. Steiner products are available at online stores and at an assortment of local distributors.

3M™ Speedglas™ Helmets Offers Quality Protection and Terrific Visibility

Part hard hat, part welding helmet, this premium helmet is a compelling purchase for the user who’ll be wearing it for extended sessions. The 3M™ Speedglas™ helmets rank high on comfort, are lightweight and have an oversized viewing space on many models, making it easier to see more of your workspace. 3M does a thorough job of helping its users determine which helmet is the best choice by segmenting their products based on specific needs. Customers can explore six different need areas to learn more about the products that solve a particular problem. Welders will find several product options that address reliability, comfort, protection and view space.

That was our short list of must-have tools for your welding shop. Now it’s your turn. What are your go-to’s that you can’t live without?

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