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CNC Laser Cutter Products

Our laser cutters are perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials. Our products are built to maximize cutting efficiency, featuring cutting-edge durability.

Since 1970, laser cutting has become a standard process in the manufacturing industry for cutting steels and various other metals.


CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser is the traditional pillar of the industry, which has been under constant development since its inception.

Fiber laser started to appear over 30 years after and has seen dramatic growth - primarily by its far superior performance over CO2 in cutting thinner material.




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Our Core Laser Product Lines:

American Torch Tip Lasertec® consumables, including nozzles, nozzle holders (ceramics), sensor cones, sensor cables, stylus arms, focusing lenses, and protective windows are compatible with all major OEM brands. Optics are manufactured in class 10,000 clean rooms and class 1,000 flow benches, incorporating the latest equipment to measure transmission and reflection from the visible to the far infrared wavelengths.

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ATTC sells or manufactures parts compatible with the following manufacturers.†

† American Torch Tip Company (ATTC) is a proud US manufacturer of more than 80 years producing products for 6 major cutting and welding technologies. ATTC is in no way affiliated with the above-named original equipment manufacturer(s). References to the above-named manufacturers, tradenames and part numbers are for your convenience only. Most parts advertised for sale are made by or for American Torch Tip and other parts as indicated are original parts manufactured by above-named, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are simply being re-sold by American Torch Tip. Footnotes: * = OEM;  # = American Torch Tip is licensed to make and sell this part by named manufacturer; ATTC and ATT suffix = This part is an original American Torch Tip design and is not manufactured identical to the OEM design; ® indicates a registered trademark, trade name, or product name of the above-named company.  PHD™, PHDX™, Lightning®, Waltec™, Integra™, Lasertec® Laser Division of American Torch Tip®, Multi-Use™ and ProMix™ are trademarks owned by American Torch Tip Company. © Copyright 2023, American Torch Tip Company