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Oxy-fuel welding/cutting, also called oxy welding, acetylene welding, or gas welding is a method of using fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals. Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding and cutting processes with the most widely used fuel gas being acetylene.

Our oxy-fuel acetylene torch tips are perfect for cutting, gouging, heating and brazing; precision machined to assure proper gas mix and flame characteristics. Most of our standard cutting and welding tips are made from tellurium copper with a precision swaged calibrated orifice.

American Torch Tip has been producing high-quality, less-expensive oxy-fuel cutting and welding since 1940.


Unlike plasma, automated oxy fuel cutting applications are made for ferrous (iron-container) steels, but does not cut aluminum or stainless steel. Oxyfuel-based automated systems can cut ferrous metals up to two feet thick.

The cost of an automated oxy fuel torch versus a mechanized plasma torch equals about ten times less than the latter application.

Read more on the comparisons of automated oxy fuel and mechanized plasma.


Hand-held torches for oxyfuel are the most common handheld application for cutting, welding, heating and brazing ferrous metals. Used frequently across the board in all industrial applications, oxyfuel is one of the oldest processes to date.




We stock thousands of torch tips for industrial use, including our patented Multi-Use two-piece tips to fit every major brand of oxy-fuel torch on the market

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American Torch Tip to this day still sells quality oxy-fuel cutting tips, equipment and solutions compatible with the following brands.†

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