Introducing HelioCut, high-quality affordable plasma cutting consumables.
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HelioCut: Spend Less, Cut More

Plasma cutting has many advantages. It also has one glaring drawback: Consumables are expensive and must be replaced frequently. Traditionally, users have had very limited options for high-quality replacement consumables. Enter HelioCut, the patent-pending consumable upgrade for your Powermax 45XP®, Powermax 65®, or Powermax 85® plasma cutting system.

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Two Piece Nozzle

Heliocut's™ two piece nozzle quickly and effectively establishes an arc while creating a fully static electrical path for your electrode.

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HelioCut is designed for Duramax® torches for use with Powermax 45XP®, Powermax 65®, and Powermax 85® plasma cutting systems. No need to replace your torch! Simply drop in the electrode, nozzle, and swirl ring from one of our starter kits and start cutting.

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High Contact Force Electrode

HelioCut's motionless electrode creates a stronger, more secure connection to your torch, improving electrical connectivity and decreasing consumable wear.

Improved Design

The patent-pending design of HelioCut decreases consumable wear, increases lifespan, and allows for an improved current path for the electrode. This translates to smoother cuts, fewer consumables' changes and more uptime. Upgrade your torch today!

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Plasma cutting consumables don't have to be expensive. HelioCut is a high-quality drop-in replacement for costly OEM consumables that keeps money in your pocket and out of your scrap bin.

Easy to Use Kits

No need to stare at a chart to figure out what parts you need to cut. One kit provides everything you need to switch. Available in 45 amp, 65 amp, and 85 amp versions which include two electrodes, two nozzles, and a swirl ring.

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Our Strict Consumable Standards

Our consumables meet rigid standards including spectroscopic verification of raw materials and micro vision inspection of all critical dimensions. These measurement systems are capable of detecting variances as small as .0005 inches.

Our Promise To You

Deliver the Greatest Possible Performance

We promise that all products manufactured by American Torch Tip will deliver the greatest possible performance for the operator. Offering six (6) welding and cutting platforms; we take our knowledge from each and use it to design the highest quality product.

Only Ship Products That Meet Our Standards

Our products are rigorously tested and inspected to meet high standards and ensure the highest quality.

Always Do The Right Thing

We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should they not meet your expectations we will do what is in our power to make it right.

Ship in A Timely Manner

Any regular item we quote is available to ship within three (3) days unless otherwise stated. We have 6,000 items in stock and ready-to-order but also produce over 20,000 specialty and hard-to-find products every day.

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