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The Most Precise Oxy-Fuel Welding & Cutting Tips and Consumables On The Market

Unlock the power of our precision-engineered oxy-fuel acetylene torch tips. Cut, gouge, heat, and braze with unmatched precision. Most of our standard cutting and welding tips are made from tellurium copper with a precision-swaged calibrated orifice.

American Torch Tip has been producing high-quality, less-expensive oxy-fuel cutting and welding since 1940.
















Handheld Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Our oxy-fuel hand-held torches are the most common handheld application for cutting, welding, heating, and brazing ferrous metals due to their portability and versatility.

With its ease of use and low cost of entry, it has become frequently used across the board in all industrial applications.

Oxy-fuel welding machine cutting metal in the factory

Save Money With Oxy-Fuel Automation

Automated systems based on oxy-fuel can cut ferrous metals up to two feet thick. No matter the job, our oxy-fuel automation offers reliability and precision.

The cost of an automated oxy-fuel torch versus a mechanized plasma torch equals about ten times less than the latter application.

What is Oxy-Fuel Welding & Cutting?

Oxy-fuel welding/cutting, also called oxy welding, acetylene welding, or gas welding is a method of using fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals. It is one of the oldest cutting processes to date.

Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding and cutting processes with the most widely used fuel gas being acetylene.

Unlike plasma, automated oxy-fuel cutting applications are made for ferrous (iron-container) steels, but does not cut aluminum or stainless steel.

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Made In The USA, With The Best Warranty

We are proud to manufacture our products right here at our USA facility in Bradenton, FL. By handling operations in our own facility, we are able to ensure that all products are up to our high standard of quality and durability. We are so confident in the quality of our products, that we provide the best lifetime warranties in the industry.

Our Promise To You

Deliver the Greatest Possible Performance

We promise that all products manufactured by American Torch Tip will deliver the greatest possible performance for the operator. Offering six (6) welding and cutting platforms; we take our knowledge from each and use it to design the highest quality product.

Only Ship Products That Meet Our Standards

Our products are rigorously tested and inspected to meet high standards and ensure the highest quality.

Always Do The Right Thing

We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should they not meet your expectations we will do what is in our power to make it right.

Ship in A Timely Manner

Any regular item we quote is available to ship within three (3) days unless otherwise stated. We have 6,000 items in stock and ready-to-order but also produce over 20,000 specialty and hard-to-find products every day.

Ask About our replacement conversion program.

Ready to increase the lifetime of your consumables and the quality of your cuts (or welds) by switching to American Torch Tip?

We are so sure you will love our products that we will replace all of your torches – for free – with lifetime warranties when you become a regular customer. Reach out to learn more.

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