HelioCut™ ONE: Cutting simplified

You told us you want plasma cutting to be simple. We listened. Introducing HelioCut™ One, the next generation patent-pending cartridge suitable for use with Duramax® torches on Powermax 45® XP, Powermax® 65, Powermax® 85, and Powermax® 105 cutting systems.

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HelioCut™ One replaces five individual consumables; simplifying selection, reducing inventory, and eliminating guesswork! With only one part per amperage, install HelioCut™ One in seconds so you can streamline your work and tackle any job.


No Adapter Required

HelioCut™ One fits directly onto Duramax® series torches, no costly adapter required!

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Say Goodbye to Stockouts

HelioCut One is designed for Duramax® torches for use with Powermax plasma cutting systems. No need to replace your torch! By combining five parts into one cartridge, inventory management is effortless and easy!

Improved Design

Introducing our brand new product in the durable HelioCut line, HelioCut™ One. This one simple easy-to-use cartridge replaces 5 individual parts, cutting costs and eliminating parts assembly mistakes. No more cut charts. No more confusing part stack-ups. No more assembly. Just install and cut. HelioCut™ One's design allows operators to focus on their work, not their tools. This means less setup time and more time on the job. Upgrade your torch today!


Saving More

HelioCut™ One is a simple, high-quality drop-in upgrade which is designed to last twice as long as traditional costly five-piece OEM consumable part stack-ups, saving you money and reducing waste. The cartridge consumables are designed to last twice as long as traditional hand cutting.

Reduce Errors

HelioCut™ One keeps production moving fast without any mishaps. Have the confidence that you're using the correct part for the job and stop guessing which part needs to be replaced.


Our Promise To You

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We promise that all products manufactured by American Torch Tip will deliver the greatest possible performance for the operator. Offering six (6) welding and cutting platforms; we take our knowledge from each and use it to design the highest quality product.

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