Introducing HelioCut, high-quality affordable plasma cutting consumables.


We are proud to introduce Lightning®, the most durable MIG Guns & welding equipment on the market, consisting of the Lightning® MIG gun, cable, consumables, and replaceable parts. Our Lightning® product line allows welders to continue working in destructive environments without worrying about damaging their most important tool.

MIG Cable is Impact resistant


Designed to withstand impact, abrasion, heat, and cuts, Lightning MIG guns are the most durable on the market.

MIG Gun Cable is Kink Resistant


Hytrel® core cable allows maximum flexibility without kinking and blocking shielding gas flow.

* Hytrel® is manufactured by DuPont™ and is a trademark of DuPont. American Torch Tip Company is in no way affiliated with DuPont.

Lightning MIG Gun Ergonomic


With 4 different handle styles, dozens of gooseneck options, and a full line of consumables, there is a Lightning MIG gun to fit every application. Available Flash models allow for the fastest 360* rotation and neck change on the market with the press of a button.

Indestructible Handles

Semi-automatic torches are equipped with ergonomic engineered plastic handles that are engineered with special impact-resistant additives that stand up to extreme use. The handle and trigger switch are backed with a lifetime guarantee. If you somehow manage to break one, we’ll replace it for free.

MIG Gun Consumables

Lightning® Flash Swivel-Neck Technology

The first of its kind, our proprietary Lightning® Flash MIG gun features a toolless 360-degree rotatable, quick-change gooseneck. All eyes are on this fast and easy-to-use torch as it makes for the perfect combination with Lightning® consumables. It provides a new level of versatility, as it can be used to weld in any position and offers great ergonomic benefit to the operator, reducing wrist fatigue and increasing productivity.

Double the Life of Your Consumables With Lightning®

Lightning® consumables are the fit of choice for Lightning® guns, providing the ultimate lifespan of both your torch and consumables.

  1. Durability Enhancing Rotations: Dual start-point threads allow re-seating of the tip when wire wear begins to affect performance. Just rotate the tip counter-clockwise 180º to a new wear-point and double the life of the contact tip.
  2. Cooling Technology: The cool-running Lightning® tapered-seat contact tip is designed to dissipate heat quickly through increased surface area, and maximize electrical conductivity.
  3. Protective inner armor: A brass alloy insert guards against wear and extends nozzle life.
MIG Consumables Close Up

Our Promise To You

Deliver the Greatest Possible Performance

We promise that all products manufactured by American Torch Tip will deliver the greatest possible performance for the operator. Offering six (6) welding and cutting platforms; we take our knowledge from each and use it to design the highest quality product.

Only Ship Products That Meet Our Standards

Our products are rigorously tested and inspected to meet high standards and ensure the highest quality.

Always Do The Right Thing

We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should they not meet your expectations we will do what is in our power to make it right.

Ship in A Timely Manner

Any regular item we quote is available to ship within three (3) days unless otherwise stated. We have 6,000 items in stock and ready-to-order but also produce over 20,000 specialty and hard-to-find products every day.

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