American Torch Tip® Electrode suitable for use with Koike in plasma cutting applications.

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We didn’t have to change anything on our gantry or processor.

John Mattocks, Astralloy Steel Products

With this new CleanCut™ technology I’m able to get over twice the life out of my consumables.

Keith J., PA

The Lightning gun has been the best addition to my shop when it comes to welding because of how durable and well constructed it is.

Robert Robles, Complete Truck Body Repair

We like PHDX, and the Lifetime Warranty program, meaning a free replacement torch if we break ours, blew our minds.

John Mattocks, Astralloy Steel Products

ATTC worked with me to solve my problems on time.

Keith J., PA

This gun does not kink wire internally, the gun doesn’t have threads to damage the gas diffuser.

Robert Robles, Complete Truck Body Repair

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