Weld in 4 minutes

It's This Easy

You're up and running in no time with the easy-to-use touch-pad program.


• Drag function icons to the run sequence bar

• Move Cobot arm to start position

• Select from lists of procedure & schedule

• Press start button and you are welding!

Unlock Efficiency

Collaborative robots, also known as cobots, are transforming the manufacturing industry, and welding is a prime example.With a shortage of skilled welders, companies are increasingly turning to cobots to automate their welding tasks,especially for jobs involving a variety of parts produced in low quantities.

3 To 8 times more efficient than your welder

Our cobots handle repetitive welding tasks with precision, allowing your most skilled welders to focus on intricate projects that demand their expertise. This translates to maximized efficiency and a more strategic use of your valuable workforce.

Scott S. Gafford
Regional Sales Manager at American Torch Tip

The Future of Welding

The American Welding Society (AWS) predicts a surging demand for welding professionals in the coming years. Their report estimates that over 330,000 new welders will be needed by 2028, translating to a strong job market. Companies can expect a consistent need to fill welding positions, with an average of 82,500 jobs opening up annually between 2024 and 2028. This high demand is further fueled by an aging workforce, with over 155,000 welders approaching retirement and creating additional openings that need to be filled.

Less Than $10 An Hour




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